Enriching the lives of individuals and families living with autism in British Columbia
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Our Story

In 1996 Paolo and Clara Aquilini listened in shock and disbelief as medical professionals diagnosed their son with autism.Paolo and Clara

In the following years Paolo and Clara experienced the trials and triumphs that come with raising a child with autism. They also began to live with the frustration of watching their beloved child struggle to participate in “normal” activities and at times be told that he was simply unable to do so. Autism deeply affects not only the individual who is diagnosed, but also their families. As the rate of occurrence of autism continues to climb and existing programs become increasingly overwhelmed, Paolo and Clara’s hearts and prayers continually go out to other families facing the same turmoil and challenges.

Compelled by the growing need in the community and driven by their own personal experience, Paolo and Clara constantly searched for ways to support families living with autism. It is their profound desire to enhance the quality of life for families living with autism in BC. This vision is the founding inspiration for the Canucks Autism Network and guides the organization in its mission to provide high quality, adapted programs for individuals and families living with autism in British Columbia.