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"Craig and I watched for the first time as our son Jarius played a team sport! You did everything right-from the tape on the floor to ensuring one to one supervision for the kids and most of all being relaxed and just letting the kids set the pace that worked for them! It was so wonderful as a parent to just watch and not have to worry about anything my child did or didn’t do because no matter what it was always ok. Anytime time CAN does anything please call us, we want to be part of it!” Jen and Craig

high five"The I CAN PLAY SPORTS SERIES has benefited our family in many ways.  We take such joy in watching our son learn and participate in the various programs but what has resonated most for us is the sense of community.  We have been transported from a life of isolation into a world filled with opportunities to socialize and share with other families who face similar challenges. The amazing staff at CAN has extended so much support and love. Thank you all so much."  Carmel

"The I CAN Sports Series has been a great outing and a lot of fun for my son who looks forward to it each week.  It is so nice to be able to attend a venue where you know your child will be in good hands.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  I really appreciate being able to access this service and all the effort from the wonderful individuals who are involved in making it happen." Linda


"This is an excellent program for kids with ASD. This gives them a place to learn sports skills and socialize with their peers without the fear of acceptance or the worry of competition. The support provided by the team coaches and volunteers is invaluable. My boys have had great success with the “I CAN PLAY SOCCER SERIES.” Their soccer skills have greatly improved and have made a few lasting friends along the way. Even after the boys turned 16 and were too old to continue as players, Ryan and Tasha invited them back as “Peer Volunteers.”  This means the world to me that they would take the time to make a place for them, and it has done wonders for their self-esteem. I really appreciate all the effort and hard work that the program coordinators put into this program to make it so successful!" KarrenSoccer in gym

"I CAN sports series is the only sports program my son has successfully participated in.  We are so appreciative of this program, which includes not just him, but his brother as well.  At first it was a struggle to get him to the program and now he can’t wait to go to soccer!" Jodie and Dan


“We believe the Canucks Autism Network will play a key role in improving the quality of life for families living with autism in British Columbia. The Vancouver Canucks and the Canucks For Kids Fund are so proud to be able to support this initiative.” Chris Zimmerman


“I love having something fun to participate in that allows me to socialize with other teens when I have no friends at school. I love having somewhere to go where people are happy to see me and not judge me. I really enjoy socializing with CAN staff.”


“I have worked with Kristi for 6 years and I have never seen her so happy, content and in her element! To see her smiling and enjoying her days with peers who did not notice her unique needs and deficits was an amazing experience for her and for me, I cried with joy and pride as she tried new things at ease with her environment!” Tobey


 I have met with numerous families dealing with ASD and I have witnessed the toll caring for a child with autism can take on individual parents, and their relationships. The programs offered by CAN not only benefit children affected with ASD in the Vancouver area, but also give their parents a much deserved break.” Senator Jim Munson

"The CAN team brings so much joy to all the children and their families through the enormous creative time and effort involved in making things FUN, creating as many win-win situations as possible – these people are incredible both collectively and individually for what they are contributing to each child in the program and their families, raising the standard for what quality service should really look like in this field."  Sarah


The amount of support and assistance offered at CAN is truly wonderful. In the past I have been hesitant to even try these kinds of activities with my son thinking it was impractical or worse yet that I might not have the patience to see it through and wind up incredibly disheartened and frustrated as I have in the past. So thank you all immensely for giving me and the other families a chance to freely enjoy a day with our special children. Families like mine are truly grateful for the services your organization is providing that make our lives easier and more gratifying.” AlexAlex Bell

"Our son has greatly benefited by this autism program in the sense that he has become friendlier towards others, more willing to participate in activities and more able to take direction from others. He even started volunteering and participating in “show and tell”, an activity he would NEVER have participated in, in the past. It is a great program and allows families to socialize in a non-threatening comfortable environment where otherwise this would not be possible." Margaret


"It was so nice to have a loving, caring environment and a place for the children to play freely with no judgement or expectations. You provided a supportive environment so kids could participate in any capacity."

"It was amazing to have the quality time together as a family where we can really be ourselves."

"Our kids have been saying that they would love to live here and that's saying a lot since our son with ASD never likes to be away from home."

"It was so comforting to meet new people that are in our same shoes. Such a great experience!"

Shawn is my son who struggles with autism, mood disorder, ADHD, expressive language disorder and sensory integration disorder. Shawn’s first experience at CAN camp was this past summer. What a remarkable experience for a 10 year old little boy who wanted to be just like his older brother and go to camp. Up until then, we had always explained to him that due to his challenges, camp would probably never be possible. When he was told that the opportunity to go to camp was available, he was so happy. I will never forget watching him from a distance and seeing him running around and playing with the other kids at camp. He was fitting in and having fun. When he noticed that we were standing there he raced over and said, ‘Look mom, I can go to camp just like other kids.’ It brought tears to my eyes to see him so happy.” Linda