Enriching the lives of individuals and families living with autism in British Columbia
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Autism Aware

Autism Aware

The goal of the Autism Aware initiative is to create awareness and understanding of autism in communities across British Columbia, so that families living with autism will feel understood, supported, and included in a range of activities within their community. 
Autism Aware Program

Proudly Autism Friendly (PAF)
Canucks Autism Network (CAN) is partnering with businesses and establishments that are able to meet specific criteria conducive to a welcoming and supportive environment for families and individuals living with autism. Such businesses will be designated as PAF and recognized in the community as understanding and accepting establishments. The PAF designation may be achieved through various initiatives such as training, collaboration of resources, or implementation of educational tools or modules. The goal of the Proudly Autism Friendly initiative is to provide opportunities for families to participate in activities and outings in their community while feeling accepted and understood. 

Criteria can be customized to reflect the nature of the business. Criteria may include, but is not limited to, the following components:
-Staff Training
-Creation of Resource Toolkits
-Accessibility Tours
-Visit from the CAN Interactive Autism Exhibit
-Creation of Online Social Storybooks
-Service Accommodations
For information on how your business or establishment can become Proudly Autism Friendly, please contact ryan@canucksautism.ca.

YVR International Airport Accessibility AutismCase Study Profile: YVR International Airport Authority
The Canucks Autism Network is proud to announce that YVR International Airport Authority is in its final stages of becoming the first Proudly Autism Friendly business. In partnership with CAN, YVR International Airport Authority will provide an annual accessibility tour for families living with autism which will simulate the entire pre-flight process in a safe and supportive environment. Online resource tools are in their final stages of creation and will further prepare families for air travel. Please visit www.yvr.com to access these helpful travel preparation tools. Families will also have the option of picking up a resource toolkit at the information counter at YVR airport. 

Watch a video from the first YVR/CAN Accessibility Tour below.