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I CAN Share My Story Video Project

About I CAN Share My Story

The I CAN Share My Story project was initially created in response to a high demand from our We CAN Be Friends schools to have an individual with autism guest speak at their school. With over 175 schools currently participating in the We CAN Be Friends program province-wide, it was determined that a more efficient way of reaching students was through the creation of short videos highlighting the personal stories of 12 individuals with autism. The hope is that the videos will help students to better understand what it is like to have autism, while also showcasing the wide autism spectrum and how each individual is affected differently. The ultimate goal of the I CAN Share My Story video project is not only to educate students, but the community at large, with the hope of creating a more inclusive, accepting, and understanding society for those living with autism.

Autism is diagnosed based on difficulties with social communication and behaviour, but there is significant variability among individuals who share the diagnosis. The I CAN Share My Story video series showcases the autism spectrum while also enabling individuals and families living with autism to share their stories. As every individual is affected by autism differently, it must be noted that not every person’s experience is captured in these videos. Other individuals with autism and other families would likely have different responses to these questions. To learn more about autism, please click here.

For schools interested in showing these videos in their classrooms, we have created a Conversation Guide to assist you with your discussions. Please CLICK HERE to access this document.