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Visual Supports

Visual SupportsA visual support is a picture or other visual item to increase communication and show learners what you are saying. They help provide a concrete representation of what you are trying to communicate when you are using strategies to increase engagement, motivation, and predictability. Visual supports can be pictures, drawings, objects, words, or lists. We have some go-to visual supports that we love to use in our programs that can be used flexibly.

Please see below for downloadable visual support templates that you can print off and use any time!

2 Box Choice Board:

Increase motivation by providing two choices.
2 Box Choice Board (PDF)

3 Box Choice Board:

Increase motivation by providing three choices.
3 Box Choice Board (PDF)

3 Box Visual Schedule:

Display the order of activities and increase predictability and structure – can also be used as a choice board.
3 Box Visual Schedule (PDF)

10 Token Board:

Reinforce the small steps and celebrate with a preferred item or activity after receiving all 10 tokens.
10 Token Board (PDF)
Star Tokens (PDF)

Countdown Strip:

Count down from 5 to increase predictability and motivation.
Countdown Strip Version 1 (PDF)
Countdown Strip Version 2 (PDF)
Countdown Strip Numbers (PDF)

First/Then Board:

Use a First/Then Board to incorporate a fun/preferred activity and increase motivation.
First/Then Board (PDF)

Wait Card:

Use a Wait Card to provide a concrete representation of the abstract concept “waiting”.
Wait Card (PDF)

Need help creating your visuals? Learn how to make them by watching the following video:


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