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Multisport Week-Long Program



The Canucks Autism Network Multisport Week-Long Program is a great opportunity for participants with autism, and their siblings, to try a variety of sports activities! This summer, participants will be given the opportunity to play sports such as baseball, soccer, football and physical literacy. 



Each session of the Multisport program consists of a 90 minute lesson, once a day, Monday to Friday. Sessions for this program take place during summer (July). Each day, lessons will include a mix of individual practice and group games that work on skills relating to physical literacy, soccer, football and baseball. These activities will help to develop basic movement skills that are used in a variety of sports settings.



There is a highly subsidized fee of $30 to access this program. This fee may be paid by cash or cheque, or covered through Autism Funding (for those with an autism diagnosis). 
Canucks Autism Network does not wish for this fee to act as a barrier to participation and is willing to collaborate with any family needing assistance on additional payment options. Participants being enrolled into the program will be provided with additional information on each payment option.  


At Canucks Autism Network, we strive to meet the needs of each participant through parent collaboration.  Our staff receive training on a variety of support strategies for children and youth with autism.  Please do not hesitate to speak with coaches and support staff about strategies to use with your child (e.g., visual schedules, first-then boards, token systems, social stories, etc.) 


Canucks Autism Network has prepared a social storybook for those families who may find it helpful. To view the multisport program social storybook, please click here.


  • Ages 7-17 (Must be of correct age when starting the program)
  • Have an autism diagnosis, and an active membership through the CAN Participant Membership Program
  • Siblings are welcome! Siblings must also register for the program as participants
  • Commitment to attend session on a daily basis (See Attendance Policy)


Multisport Program is available to participants registered with the Canucks Autism Network Participant Membership program. Program information for the summer 2017 programs will be provided in the April Newsletter.