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Outdoor Rec

Power to BePurpose

The purpose of the Outdoor Rec program, in partnership with Power to Be, is to introduce teens and adults with autism to a variety of outdoor activities in a safe and supportive environment.

Program Structure

The Outdoor Rec program is led by Power to Be, and participants are highly supported by trained CAN staff and dedicated volunteers. Activities may include hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, geocaching, and more. CAN and Power To Be will be working in collaboration to provide high-quality, outdoor recreation activities in a safe and fun environment. For more information about Power To Be, please click here.

Further details on program structure are provided on each of the additional outdoor rec pages:
Lower Mainland (Majority of sessions take place in North Vancouver): 16+yrs 
Victoria:  12–15yrs

I CAN Be A Leader ImageSupports Provided

At Canucks Autism Network, we strive to meet the needs of each participant and encourage parent collaboration. Our staff receives training on a variety of support strategies to use with participants.  
Please do not hesitate to speak with the coach and support staff about strategies to use with your son or daughter (e.g., visual schedules, first-then boards, token systems, social stories, etc.) and contact the Program Coordinator, Ali Gorsak (ali.gorsak@canucksautism.ca) with any questions or concerns. 

Program Criteria


Please check the Lower Mainland and Victoria Outdoor Rec pages for the specific program structure and registration dates. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This program is for participants to attend independently. Parents are asked to drop-off participants and return at the scheduled pick-up time.