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Become a Canucks Autism Network memberThe can membership program
To access CAN programs, families must complete an online membership application that includes an annual fee of $25 per individual with autism. Once members, families and individuals can participate in programs at subsidized rates thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors. 

who is eligible?

To be able to register with the Canucks Autism Network’s CAN Membership Program, individuals and families must ensure they meet the following criteria:
  1. An individual in the immediate family (i.e. a son or daughter, or the individual who is registering) must be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
  2. Individuals and families wishing to register must live in British Columbia, Canada.
We welcome individuals across the autism spectrum.

how do you JOIN AS A MEMBER?

To sign-up for a CAN Membership, individuals and families must first complete the online membership application. To begin the online application, please click here: Register now!
Once this online application is complete, these individuals and families will be responsible for submitting the following to the CAN Office (101-2020 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3N8) within 10 days of completing their application:
1.Proof of the individual(s) ASD diagnosis.

This diagnosis is a physician signed document that clearly states that the individual is on the Autism Spectrum. The documentation may include the original assessment (the first and final two pages of the assessment usually meet the requirements) or a physician/psychiatrist signed note. 
2. Photos of each individual registered within the CAN Membership Program.
These photos are used for internal purposes only. Photos may be uploaded online through an individual’s/family’s CAN Membership account.
3. An annual $25 membership fee for each registered participant with autism. 
This fee may be paid in the following ways:

  1. Through the autism funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  2. Credit card through the online CAN Membership account,
  3. By cheque mailed to the CAN Office (101-2020 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3N8), or
  4. With cash at the CAN Office (101-202 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3N8).
After the online application is complete, CAN Members may begin registering for programs. For additional information on the process of Canucks Autism Network programming registration, please click here: PROGRAM REGISTRATION INFORMATION.