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We aim to increase awareness and acceptance of autism in schools


Since being founded in 2008,  Canucks Autism Network has been committed to promoting autism awareness and acceptance in school environments. We are pleased to offer a range of services for staff across the school setting, as outlined below.

  • Workshops

    Contact us to book a workshop for your district’s next professional development day. Content focuses on autism and the school environment with an introduction to a range of strategies for support.

We CAN Be Friends Program

We CAN Be Friends (WCBF) is  a series of curriculum-based elementary school lesson plans and other resources developed by Canucks Autism Network that teach students the values of friendship, empathy and inclusion.  Over 275 elementary schools across British Columbia have accessed We Can Be Friends lesson plans to support autism awareness and acceptance.  If you are interested in We CAN Be Friends lesson plans, please contact us.

Visual Supports

A visual support is a picture or other visual item to increase communication and show learners what you are saying. They help provide a concrete representation of what you are trying to communicate when you are using strategies to increase engagement, motivation, and predictability. Visual supports can be pictures, drawings, objects, words, or lists.

2 Box Choice Board or 3 Box Choice Board 
Increase motivation by providing two or three choices
3 Box Visual Schedule 
Display the order of activities and increase predictability and structure (can be used as a choice board).
10 Token Board 
Reinforce small steps and celebrate with a preferred item or activity after individual receives all 10 tokens.
Countdown Strip  or Countdown Strip with Words or Countdown Strip with Numbers 
Count down from five to increase predictability and motivation.
First/Then Board 
Use a first-then board to incorporate a fun/preferred activity and increase motivation.
Wait Card  
Use a wait card to provide a concrete representation of the abstract concept of “waiting”.


Host a Canucks Autism Network Event at Your School

Contact us for fun and easy fundraising ideas at your school.

Tell Us Your Story

We are continually inspired by the strength, determination, and resilience of the individuals and families living with autism who make up our network.

Do you have a story that you would like to share? We would love to hear about your journey with autism, whether as a parent, an individual on the spectrum, an employer, teacher, friend or other. Has Canucks Autism Network positively impacted you?