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MYCITY Apparel x CAN: “Give where you live”

April 14, 2021

To kick off Autism Acceptance Month, we introduced eight local businesses who are raising funds for the cause this April! Among them is a brand new addition to the CAN family of supporters – MYCITY Apparel.

Based out of Vancouver, MYCITY Apparel was founded by Andrew Kazakoff and Jason Harynuk. For years, the two have led the charge with a truly unique and inspiring business model.

MYCITY Apparel takes just 10% of proceeds from each sale. All the rest goes back to the community. In Andrew’s words, their goal is to “Give where you live.”

So from now until next April, 25% of each sale will be donated to Canucks Autism Network! Why?

Nearly four years ago, Andrew’s nephew, Bennet, was diagnosed with autism.

Andrew with his nephew and niece

“We recognize there are many other kids like Bennet who need the support,” explained Andrew. “So we’re very excited to do what we can.”

Ahead of the fundraising campaign launch, Andrew and his sister Lisa Stariha shared a bit about their desire to support the cause. Together, they told us all about the 9.5 year old young boy who inspired them to give back.

“When Bennet was first diagnosed, there was an overwhelming amount of info,” said Lisa. “Between doctors and therapists, there is just so much for Bennet and the whole family to navigate.”

“When we were told about CAN, we looked at the programs and thought — what a great way to get him engrained in social activities that are fun for him!”

Later this month, Bennet is starting his very first Multisport program at CAN!

“We’re just so excited to see him get involved in programs that are catered to him and how his mind works,” said Lisa.

“Bennet is one of the most mechanically gifted kids that I know,” Andrew told us, with a big smile on his face. “He’s so in tune with how things work. I have to be pretty mechanical in my job too – and I love that we share that.”

Although Bennet hasn’t even stepped foot into his first CAN session, both Andrew and Lisa are already thankful that there’s a place for him to develop his skills where he’ll be understood, accepted and supported.

“When he’s older, we can’t wait for him to access the coding workshops. We’re excited to see what he gets out of each opportunity,” Lisa said.

“I can’t wait to see where [his skills] will lead him in his life,” added Andrew.

So how can supporters of the cause and lovers of good quality apparel help Andrew and his family give back?

Visit thisismycityapparel.com anytime between now and April 30, 2022. CAN will receive 25% from each sale!

Each sweater has a design unique to a Vancouver neighbourhood.

“People here are proud of where they live. But most of the apparel you see that features the city is geared towards tourists. There’s a gap in the market for that,” explained Andrew.

“We want to make good looking clothing that features the city – and that supports a good cause.”

Check out their full collection at thisismycityapparel.com!

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