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Ryan: “This will all be over soon. I promise!”

May 15, 2020

Ryan Wu has been an enthusiastic part of Canucks Autism Network (CAN) for years! He has participated in virtually all our programs — from swim and multisport to family events and overnight camp.

In our many years of spending time with Ryan, we’ve come to know three things about him. He always has a positive attitude. He loves helping others. And he is GREAT on camera!

See Ryan’s recap of the Adults vs Kids Soccer Game at Multisport Camp four years ago!

So this past month, Ryan sent us a message that he wanted to share with the CAN community.

“I’m reaching out to YOU to see how you’re doing and how you’re managing through this COVID-19 thing.”

Ryan is obviously a creative young man. So he shared 10 things that he’s doing at home to stay busy!

1. Read a book
“If you don’t have a book, you can always use an app on your phone!”

2. Play a board game
“You can play Jenga or Uno — or my favourite game Taco vs Burrito! Or you could go old school and play hangman.”

3. Look at old photo albums
“Remember the good old days when you used to go outside. But don’t worry, this thing will be over soon! Just wait.”

4. Help out around the house
“An example of this is folding towels, which I do a lot of, since we wash our hands a lot!”

5. Go on a scavenger hunt
“But remember, only your family!”

6. Bake some cookies

7. Dress up as your favourite character
“Luke, I am your father!”

8. Build lego
“With your toys, you can act out a story!”

9. Take a nap
All these activities are sure to tire you out!

10. Throw a ball
Coach Robbie has a great lesson for throwing a basketball on his #MultisportMonday series!

11. Play hide and seek

12. Do multiplication tables
“But seriously. It’s important to stay at home at a time like this. It can sometimes be extremely boring — I get it.”

“This will be over soon. I promise. In the meantime, stay strong Canada. You can do this!”

Thanks for all these great ideas, Ryan. Such positive messages to share with the CAN community!

And remember, CAN has a full catalogue of #TeamMeeting videos and worksheets to do at home too! Visit canucksautism.ca/home.

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