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We Heard You: When does registration take place?

Apr 1, 2019

When we have a new member sign up with us, their first question is usually, how do I sign up for programs? (re: through your online account during the program registration).

The next question is:

How do I know when program registration is taking place?

Five-day registration periods take place throughout the year for each program. 

To stay informed about upcoming registration periods, keep an eye on the following resources that announce registration periods for each program:

  • Monthly Email Newsletter | This newsletter is sent at the start of each month, and outlines the programs that are opening for registration that month.

  • Seasonal Program Guides | These guides are published quarterly and provide members a seasonal view of all programs taking place, and when registration will occur.

Seasonal Program Guide Month Published*
Fall (September – December) August
Winter (January – March) November
Spring (April – June) February
Summer (July – August) April/May


Program Seasons Programs Run Month that Registration Takes Place*
Weekly Programs Fall, Winter, Spring Fall – August

Winter – November

Spring – February

Monthly Youth and Young Adult Programs Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 2nd week of each month
Family Events Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Take place throughout the year – check the e-newsletter and program guides
Summer Day and Overnight Camps Summer April/May

*Subject to change – keep an eye on the monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on registration periods

  • CAN website | This is a great place to find out more about the programs that CAN offers, and you’ll also be able to access recent seasonal program guides and newsletters for a snapshot of current programs and registrations.

Have other questions about registration? See our FAQ.