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Welcome to the Canucks Autism Network Blog!

In 2008, Vancouver Canucks Co-owners, Paolo and Clara Aquilini, founded Canucks Autism Network with the vision of enriching the quality of life of families living with autism in British Columbia. Their goal was to provide individuals with autism with opportunities for successful inclusion in community sports and recreation.

What started as one soccer program delivered to a handful of families has since grown into an incredible network of support for over 3,000 families living with autism in BC.

Our hundreds of year-round programs provide children, teens and young adults with autism with an outlet to learn, shine, and excel on their own terms, and at their own pace. Through these opportunities, we get to witness what true joy and success looks like through the eyes of an individual who has chosen to challenge their limits.

Just as we are inspired by the perseverance and courage of our participants, we are continually inspired by the commitment and generosity of the amazing people who make up the fabric and heart of the CAN family. From our dedicated staff and volunteers, to our generous donors, partners and supporters – each play an integral role in creating our ever-growing village of support.

Since 2008, we have provided thousands of program opportunities, delivered hundreds of hours of training, and participated in countless community events to build autism awareness and acceptance across the province and beyond. We have connected with parents, teachers, service providers, first responders, businesses, coaches and community recreation staff in an effort to fulfill our vision: “Every individual with autism is understood, accepted and supported in all community spaces”.

Through inspiring stories, helpful resources and donor spotlights, we hope our blog will provide encouragement, empowerment, and comfort. We also hope to inspire, teach, and motivate more people to be inclusive and accepting of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Join us on our journey. Your attitude and perception of people with autism and their behaviours will make a critical difference in their lives.

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