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Together with Air North, YVR and Canucks Autism Network are back with our Autism Accessibility Tour

April 25, 2022

Vancouver, B.C. – After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we were thrilled to welcome back more than 100 participants for our annual Autism Accessibility Tour at YVR on Sunday, April 24, along with our airline partner, Air North, Yukon’s Airline.

With new travel measures in place, it is now more important than ever to be aware and informed before your next trip through YVR.

Our accessibility tour with CAN helps individuals on the autism spectrum and their families be prepared, confident, and comfortable with their travel experience at YVR. From check-in through security screening, to locating their departure gate and boarding, to a simulated take-off, the experiential tour provides autistic individuals and their families the opportunity to practice the entire pre-flight process.

Due to anxiety and sensory sensitivities, individuals on the autism spectrum can become overwhelmed by the airport environment. This tour works to decrease anxiety, reduce travel barriers, and build confidence by preparing them for what to expect, making the airport a less stressful and more predictable environment.

Here are 5 things to know about the YVR Autism Accessibility tour:

  1. We welcomed more than 100 individuals to our sixth Annual YVR Autism Accessibility Tour.
  2. We had some special firsts this year, including this marking our first accessibility tour since 2019 and partnering with Air North, Yukon’s Airline for the first time to deliver this important experience.
  3. We work with a number of other key partners to deliver the YVR Autism Accessibility Tour. Special thanks to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for their continued support.
  4. We introduced the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard and sticker program for this tour. Set to officially launch in May during Accessibility Week, tour participants got a sneak peek of this expansion of the Autism Sticker Program, which is globally recognized and offers a more inclusive experience for all travellers who may have disabilities that may require extra care, compassion, and support.
  5. At YVR, we continue to prioritize making travel through our airport safe, positive, comfortable, and accessible for everyone.

Visit yvr.ca/autism to find more information about the resources available for autistic individuals travelling through YVR.