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#ReflectandAccept supported by YVR

April is Autism Acceptance Month

Do you know why we celebrate acceptance over awareness?
For every share of our video, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will donate $1!


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Each time our video is shared, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will donate $1 to Canucks Autism Network (CAN).*

*For each share until April 30, 2022. Up to $50,000.

FAQs | About the campaign

Who are the individuals in the video?

Every child, youth and adult featured in the video is an individual on the autism spectrum within the Canucks Autism Network community.

Why are people sharing this video to their social media accounts?

As communicated by the autistic voices in the video, ‘awareness’ of autism is not enough. We need to actively include and accept individuals on the spectrum in all community spaces.

By asking our followers to share, we want to spread this message of inclusion as widely as possible during Autism Acceptance Month.

And for each share, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will donate $1 to CAN, helping ensure that our efforts to promote autism acceptance continues year-round.

What qualifies as a share for this video?

We have posted this video across our social media channels:

At the end of the month, CAN & YVR will count up all the shares across channels.

Can you track my share if my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIN account is private?

Yes! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN will all publicly show how many accounts have shared the video — whether the accounts are public or private.

On Instagram, business accounts can view how many times the video has been shared in the post insights.

What is YVR's involvement with CAN?

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)’s mission is to connect British Columbia proudly to the world. With a commitment to building positive relationships with the communities they serve, YVR has been a longtime partner and supporter of CAN.

Since 2014, YVR has collaborated with CAN to make air travel more accessible to individuals on the spectrum. Efforts have included an annual Airport Accessibility Tour, which provides a simulated flight experience — from check-in and security to gate-finding and boarding a plane.

CAN & YVR has also worked together to make resources available to autistic travelers, including a step-by-step storybook, checklist and tip sheet.

Learn more about our partnership with YVR >

I don’t know how to share this video. Can I donate to Canucks Autism Network instead?

Yes! To donate to Canucks Autism Network, please visit: canucksautism.ca/donate