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A short-term, multi-week training program

Fast Track:
Work Experience

Starting this January 2021 in the Lower Mainland

Project Fast Track is a pillar of the national Employment Recovery Project, developed in response to COVID-19.

This project aims to help businesses address hiring and support challenges they have faced due to the pandemic, while also promoting workplace inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

We are partnering with businesses and service agencies to facilitate work experience placements.

There is NO COST for businesses to take part. Be a champion for workplace inclusion. Gain access to qualified candidates.

Program Structure

We are working with businesses to develop work experience placements based on their existing training offered to new employees.

  • Work experience placements held from January to March 2021
  • Placements last from 1-4 weeks up to 40 hours per week
  • Placements will host 2-3 participants at at time
  • No costs to businesses, participants or service agencies to participate

If you are an employer, a service agency or an autistic job seeker, we want to hear from you!

Join Project Fast Track!

For Employers

Gain a pool of highly-qualified candidates. Be a champion for inclusive hiring.

As the employer, you provide:

  • An in-person or virtual work placement opportunity
  • An employee designated as the Workplace Trainer to demonstrate the tasks required for the work placement*
    *Project Fast Track will cover their salary up to $1000 per week.

As the employer, you receive:

  • A Job Coach to support your Workplace Trainer for the duration of the placement.
    Job Coaches are trained in providing support to autistic individuals and those with other disabilities.
  • Support in creating an inclusive training process that is customized to support your business
  • Access to online inclusive employment training through the national Ready, Willing & Able initiative
  • National social media recognition as a champion for inclusive hiring
  • A pool of qualified candidates for future job opportunities

If a participant is hired by your business, they will receive ongoing support from the national Ready, Willing & Able initiative. This will ensure that the needs of your new hire and your business as a whole are met beyond the work experience placement.

All training aligns with COVID-19 protocol and business operational guidelines.

If you are interested in hosting a work placement, please contact:

Maegan O’Neill
Project Fast Track Coordinator
[email protected]

For Job Seekers

Gain valuable, hands-on experience. Fast track your career!

  • One-on-one Job Coach provided, if needed.
  • Receive an hourly training wage for the duration of your placement.
  • Transportation allowances available (up to $100 per week)
  • Hands-on experience and skill development
  • Obtain all necessary certification for the placement (ie. First Aid, WHIMS, Food Safe, etc.)

Connect with your community. Expand your professional network. Fast track your career!

All training aligns with COVID-19 protocol and business operational guidelines.

Interested in a Project Fast Track work placement?

The sole requirement for participant eligibility is that you must be connected with an employment service agency.*
*Ie. Work BC, Community Living BC – Employment Supports, etc.

Not sure if you are eligible?
Contact [email protected]! We will connect you with the necessary channels at CAN or in your community to get started on your path to employment.

Work Placements

Confirmed work experience placements include (more TBA):

Please note that all placements are assigned by your employment service agency. Some businesses may be exclusive to certain agencies.

The Employment Recovery Project is delivered by Canucks Autism Network (CAN), Inclusion Canada and the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) and works in collaboration with Ready, Willing and Able (RWA).

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities.