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Health Updates

This webpage will be updated as the provincial health situation continues to develop. We encourage Canucks Autism Network (CAN) members, staff, volunteers and supporters to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and check their email for ongoing updates on our programs and events.

CAN Restart Plan

Latest Update

August 6, 2020

We are piloting a limited number of in-person programs and events. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, families, staff and volunteers, we are introducing a variety of new COVID-19 protocols:

  • Screening. Before each session, CAN staff will screen parents/guardians and participants for COVID symptoms and ask questions about recent travel outside of Canada or potential exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case.
  • Personal safety. CAN staff will teach and enforce diligent hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing.

Additional procedures will be in place to ensure that toileting, first aid and facility/equipment usage adheres to all health regulations. Personal Protective Gear is optional for participants.

Read our full update for this upcoming Fall season >>

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Safety Plan for In-Person Programs

We are gradually re-introducing in-person programs. Our safety protocols are detailed in full in our 11-page Safety Plan.

All parents, guardians and/or participants must read the full document and agree to the protocols before their enrollment is confirmed in any CAN program.

Safety Plan for Family Events

We are gradually re-introducing Family Events. Our safety protocols are detailed in full in our 8-page Safety Plan.


All families must read the full document and agree to the protocols before their enrollment is confirmed in any CAN Family Event.

CAN Restart Plan

As expected, our upcoming year will look much different due to the safety, financial and logistical challenges created by COVID-19.

As we approach Phase 3 of the CAN Restart Plan in Fall 2020,

  • Up to 25% of in-person programs will be re-introduced each season
  • Programs being re-introduced will be dependent on:
    • Ongoing Health Orders: Will it be safe?
    • Facility Availability: Are community centres open and available?
    • Funding: Do we have the necessary financial support?
    • Staffing: Do we have the necessary personnel?
    • Physical Distancing: Programs requiring close physical contact (ie swim) will be put on hold until they can be safely reintroduced

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