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Monthly Policy Reminders

Each month, we provide helpful reminders about program policy for coaches & support workers to review in the staff e-newsletter.
  • Social Media Use (February 2019)

    We encourage our staff and volunteers to connect with CAN on social media and show support for the programs that you are such a critical part of!

    In order to minimize risks to confidentiality, proprietary information and CAN’s reputation, please review our social media policy.

    A broad overview includes:

    • Staff must refrain from posting material that is defamatory or contains confidential information with regards to CAN or our staff, volunteers, members, affiliates or stakeholders.
    • Staff are not permitted to post on behalf of CAN without approval from CAN’s marketing and communications department.
    • Staff must obtain consent before posting images of CAN staff, volunteers, members of participants.
    • Staff who choose to disclose their affiliation with CAN on social media must ensure their profile is consistent with the professional image they are expected to present at CAN.
    • Staff must refrain from intervening in any negative discussions on social media pertaining to CAN. The CAN marketing and communications department will address any defamatory posts relating to our organization.

    Full Program Policy Reminder: Social Media Use

  • Reporting Abuse & Guidelines for Physical Contact (January 2019)

    If a staff member suspects any physical, sexual, psychological abuse or neglect occurring at home or in programs, staff must inform the Support Team immediately. DO NOT share your concerns with other program staff and volunteers except the Support Team.

    Similarly, we would also like to review the program boundaries of physical contact between staff/volunteers and participants.

    Of course, in some context, physical contact is necessary for supporting participants (ie. for safety and skill development).

    Full Program Policy Reminder: Reporting Abuse & Guidelines for Physical Contact