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Supporting positive mental health

Mental Health & Wellness Programs

Better understand your mental health. Explore new ways to improve wellness. Connect with your community.


Youth, Adult


Province Wide, Lower Mainland


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


CAN Mental Health & Wellness programs offer a range of opportunities for Autistic youth & adults (ages 13+) to explore their own mental health, learn new ways to improve wellness and connect with their community.

Programs and workshops have been developed and led by a mix of CAN staff, community partners, clinicians, self-advocates & facilitators with lived experience. Opportunities include both in-person and virtual programs.

CAN account is not required to participate. Additionally, a formal autism diagnosis is not required for ages 13yrs+. Learn more > 

Programs & Workshops (13+)
Led by self-advocates & clinicians

Monthly & weekly opportunities range throughout the year. Past & current opportunities include:

  • Informative workshops led by clinicians & self-advocates
    Ie. Understanding Mental Health; Healthy Sleeping; Overcoming Barriers; Healthy Boundaries; Healthy Relationships, Sexuality & Autism
  • Hands-on workshops to explore mental health, wellness & emotional expression
    Ie. Painting To Process Emotions, Canine Cuddles, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Opportunities for leadership among peers
    Ie. Autistic Leaders Group & Thriving Together: Self-Advocacy for Autistics

Registration opens on the 2nd Monday of each month.
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Women's Peer Group (18+)
Led by self-advocates & clinicians

The group meets virtually on a biweekly basis over Zoom. It exists for participants to validate, inform and support each other in areas of mutual interest and to foster friendships and social contacts.

  • Topics changes each month to give participants opportunities to engage in a range of important discussions
  • Open to all Autistic individuals (ages 18+) who identify as a woman or non-binary (transgender inclusive)

Registration opens on the 2nd Monday of each month.
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Supports Provided

At Canucks Autism Network, we strive to meet the needs of each Autistic individual through participant collaboration. Our staff receive training to facilitate participation independently or with close support. In virtual programs, program staff facilitate and moderate discussion.

Please do not hesitate to speak with our staff on-site about support needs or strategies that most benefit you (e.g., sensory sensitivities, use of visual cues, etc).

Registration Dates Vary

Registration for mental health programs opens on the 2nd Monday of each month.
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CAN accounts are not required for mental health programs. A formal autism diagnosis is also not required for Autistic individuals ages 13+. Learn more.