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Virtual Youth & Adult Programs

Online programs for Autistic youth and adults


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Virtual Youth and Adult programs provide a range of opportunities for participants (13-17 yrs & 18+) to connect online. Program offerings vary from season-to-season. Some of our standard offerings over the past year include Fitness, Movie Club, Meet Ups and Dating, Relationships & Sexual Health workshops. All sessions are facilitated by CAN staff.

Using the free Zoom app (an online meeting platform), coaches will be able to connect with participants in real-time, teaching lessons in a fun, new and digital environment.


CAN is no longer requiring a formal autism diagnosis for individuals over 13 years of age who are interested in accessing CAN programs or services. Learn more >> 

Program Structure

Each session ranges from 1-2 hours (depending on activity) with up to 15 participants at a time. Some programs are offered monthly, while others are offered weekly.

Virtual Fitness

  • Workout sessions led by a certified personal trainer
  • Focus on aerobic endurance, strength, and flexibility featuring activities that can easily be done from home
  • No previous fitness experience required
  • See Equipment Checklist
  • 6-week program & single-day opportunities available year-round

Virtual Coding

  • In partnership with CodeAbility
  • Games and activities provide an intro to the basics of coding
  • 6-week program & single-day opportunities available year-round

Movie Club

  • Watch a movie on Netflix together (via Teleparty app), then meet the following week to discuss the movie with peers
  • Participants access the party through their own Netflix account and a link provided by CAN
  • A CAN staff supports the chat during the film

Virtual Meetups

  • Meet up online, build social relationships, and play a variety of fun games
  • A CAN staff mediates the group, introducing fun activities and guest facilitators each week
  • Available for youth (13-17 yrs) and adults (18+ yrs)

Dating, Relationships & Sexual Health

  • Learn about a range of topics in a safe space.
  • Led by a certified sexual health educator from Shift Education and supported by CAN staff
  • Available for adults (18+ yrs)

Availability of virtual programs may vary from season to season.

Supports Provided

  • Participants are encouraged to participate independently – parents/guardians are welcome to support when needed 
  • An additional CAN staff member will be present and act as a moderator to provide technical support and answer questions
  • Please email Mark Comfort, Recreation Specialist, [email protected], with any questions or concerns

You can also access our Zoom Tip Sheet to help you prepare for the online program.

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CAN accounts may or may not be required for certain programs. A formal autism diagnosis is not required for Autistic individuals ages 13+. Learn more.