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We are proud to provide consultation to a wide range of community organizations looking to increase accessibility

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Our vision at Canucks Autism Network is for all individuals on the autism spectrum to be understood, accepted and supported in all community spaces. We are proud to provide consultation to a wide range of community organizations that aims to improve accessibility for Autistic individuals.

We will work with you to design customized solutions based on the offerings outlined below:

Autism Awareness toolkit displayed at Roger's Arena.
A group of adults cheering with a Canucks Autism Network staff.

Individualized Consultation

Positive change starts with a conversation. Connect with us so that we can better understand your organization and design customized solutions to improve your service, space and offerings.

Resource Development

We will work with you to help community members on the spectrum to access your space, programs and services.

Resources: Depending on the setting, a wide range of resources may be helpful to improve the accessibility of your space. Resources can increase predictability and decrease anxiety by frontloading individuals with what to expect during their experience, and reminding of strategies they can use to be safe, successful and comfortable.

Our team can work with you to create resources that will help a wide range of community members, including those with autism, to feel more comfortable accessing your space.

Sample Resources:



Online Storybooks



Providing training to staff to learn about autism and simple support strategies is a critical component to increasing accessibility. Canucks Autism Network can collaborate with your organization to deliver training to your staff in a variety of mediums:

  • CAN training workshops: Content is customized to meet your groups needs
  • Consultation from CAN staff to augment existing staff training curriculum to include autism and strategies for support
  • Collaboration to produce of a short staff training video

When staff are trained to recognize autism, they can better respond to signs of distress, de-escalate crisis situations and support individuals on the autism spectrum in gaining independence.

Staff Training Video Example:
Enhancing Customer Experience | City of Surrey and Vancouver Board of Parks & Rec

Host an Autism Friendly Event

Let us help you create, promote, and host an event specifically designed to welcome Autistic individuals and related diagnoses in your community.


Training Feedback

Have you recently completed a workshop with Canucks Autism Network? We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to share your feedback,  please fill out this Training Feedback form.

  • Learn how you can make your community space more accessible for individuals on the spectrum.

    Contact us to learn more about how Canucks Autism Network can help you to make your community space more welcoming and accessible for a range of community members, including those on the spectrum.

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