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At CAN, we’re proud to celebrate April as #AutismAcceptance Month. During these uncertain times, the world seems to be changing on a daily basis. So this past April, we focused on one of the things that will not change.

Our values.

We believe that every community should take action to include and support individuals with autism.

Learn about how Rogers Arena and Canucks Sports & Entertainment are helping individuals with autism.

Visit canucks.com/autismacceptance to learn more about their autism accessibility resources.

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We believe that every individual with autism has the right to equitable access to meaningful employment.

Learn about our partnership with RWA – Ready, Willing and Able, an inclusive hiring initiative funded by the Government of Canada.

The goal of the RWA program is to engage, educate and support employers to hire individuals with autism or intellectual disabilities. We joined RWA as a program partner alongside Inclusion BC – with CAN delivering the program for individuals with autism and Inclusion BC supporting those with intellectual disabilities.

Learn more about the CAN and RWA partnership >>


We believe that every individual with autism and their family has the right to meaningful social connections.

See how CAN programs and events have built a community of support for our members.

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We believe that every child with autism has the right to play sports.

Children like Erin.

“She is very apprehensive in new environments. But at CAN, she is so confident. By the end of the program, she could skate a few feet on her own!

I used to be hesitant sending her for activities like skating at school. But now I know she’ll look forward to the experience! Thank you, CAN!”

– Elaine Grant, Erin’s mom.

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We believe that every individual with autism should be supported during important transitions into adulthood.

Individuals like Sebastian!

Sebastian Ralphs is not one of our longest tenured participants and among our most active volunteers! He has used a lifetime of experiences at CAN to build confidence, gain life skills and secure meaningful employment.

“CAN has helped me be more social and confident in connecting with other people. CAN is helping me have a life I like!”

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We believe that people with autism have the right to an active voice: to be heard, valued, and seen.

This is Brayden’s story.

“In 2018, my nana found out about CAN and it completely resurrected my life.”
– Brayden