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Women's Peer Support Group

Led & developed by Autistic women. For Autistic women.

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The Women’s Peer Support Group is open to all Autistic individuals (ages 18+) who identify as a woman or non-binary (transgender inclusive). 

CAN membership or formal autism diagnosis is NOT required to participate. Learn more >

Part of CAN’s Mental Health & Wellness programs.

Group Structure

The group meets virtually on a monthly basis. It exists for participants to validate, inform and support each other in areas of mutual interest and to foster friendships and social contacts.

  • Each session is 1.5 hours over Zoom
  • Last Tuesday evening of the month (usually 6:30-8pm)
  • Our goal is to keep group sessions small in order to better facilitate active discussion
  • Past topics have included “Maintaining Relationships” & “Coping With Stress”

The topic changes each month in order to give participants opportunities to engage in a range of important discussions.

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Sign Up Details

Sign up opens on the 2nd Monday of each month.

  • Registration is NOT first-come, first-served
  • Due to demand, waitlists do occur
  • We seek to prioritize waitlisted individuals for future sessions

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Group Facilitators

Kayla Tellier (she/her)
Outside of the Women’s Peer Support Group, Kayla is also an actor and a CAN support worker and learning facilitator.

“I have greatly benefited from making connections with other Autistic women and having people to talk to who understand what it is like to live as an Autistic woman.”

Rae Morris (she/her)

Rae is an Individual & Family Therapist and Clinical Social Worker.

“I know how deeply valuable and impactful it can be to hear another person say, ‘Hey, me too!’ I am so grateful for this group and honoured to be a part.”

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This group was inspired by Good Company – an Autistic Peer Support Group in Toronto, founded by Dori Zener and facilitated by Besa Shemovski Thomas.

Canucks Autism Network greatly appreciates the support, expertise and resources provided by Dori Zener & Associates to offer this group for
Autistic women and nonbinary adults in the Vancouver area.

Artwork by Sarah Russell, CAN participant & staff member

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