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Preparing for a new registration system

The same programs you know and love, with a more streamlined way to register for them!

As we continue to grow, we are committed to improving the experience for our CAN community.

In February 2024, we unveiled a new CAN registration site and process for enrolment.

You’ll find everything you need to know on this page, including:
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New Registration System

How do I access CAN’s new registration system?

We’re excited to announce that the new Canucks Autism Network registration system is now live! Create your new account at canucksautism.ca/register. Simply click the “Signup” link at the top of the page where it asks if you don’t have a login.

Participants and families are encouraged to create their new CAN account prior to spring registration on March 5th at 9am.

Creating a new account will be required to register for almost ALL opportunities, including family events and youth and adult programs that were previously offered via online forms. Existing CAN accounts will not be transferred from the old system.

Are there any resources available to help me navigate the new system?

We’ve created some helpful tools to guide you through the process of creating an account and registering for future programs:

Why does CAN need a new registration system?

We have been using our existing registration system for nine years and it has allowed us to enroll thousands of participants into programs.

However, at this stage of growth, we are in need of an updated system that allows us to automatically register participants without having to manually assess thousands of lines of data.

How will the new registration system improve my experience?

Registration currently takes place in three different systems:

  1. CAN registration website for weekly rec programs for children, youth & adults
  2. Various online forms for rec, mental health & employment programs for youth & adults
  3. Eventbrite for Family Experiences

The new system will allow you to sign up for ALL available opportunities in one central location, with immediate status updates!

Will my existing account information be transferred to the new registration system?

Existing CAN accounts cannot be transferred from the old system.

Creating an account in the new system will also allow all participants and families to update their information.

Creating a new account in early February will be required to register for ALL programs and opportunities from Spring 2024 onwards. This includes Family Experiences that were previously offered via Eventbrite and youth and adult programs that were previously offered via online forms. 

First-Come, First-Served Registration

Why is CAN switching to first-come, first-served registration in the new system?

Our current method of pending enrolment for most programs is manual, onerous, and lacks transparency.

Manually assessing thousands of registration requests each season results in major confirmation backlogs that make it hard for families to plan ahead.

This past year, we successfully implemented a first-come, first-served process across all Family Experiences.

In the new system, participants will be immediately updated of their registration status after submitting a program request. Participants will be confirmed into a maximum of 2 programs per season.

Will ALL programs be offered on a first-come, first-served basis?

Our new registration system will use a first-come-first-served enrolment process across the majority of our children’s programming and youth and adult programs that don’t have eligibility requirements.

Note that some youth and adult programs, like the CAN Skills Training Employment Program, will continue to be offered on an application basis.

What are the advantages to a first-come, first-served registration process?

First-come, first-served registration will allow participants and families to receive immediate confirmation of their registration so they can better plan for the season ahead.

This new process will also help prepare families who transition into programs at their local community centres, where first-come, first-served registration is standard practice.

How will CAN encourage fairness in a first-come, first-served system?

In order to accommodate as many unique ASD participants as possible, each participant will only be enrolled in a maximum of 2 programs per season.  

There is no limit to the programs you can be on the waitlist for, but you may only be confirmed for 2 programs at a time. We will be strictly enforcing this policy.

Please note that this policy only restricts seasonal weekly programs and does not apply to Family Experiences or Youth and Adult monthly programs. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

When will the new first-come, first-served process begin?

The new first-come, first-served registration process was introduced with the new registration system in February 2024.

What if I need help registering in a first-come, first served system?

If you require help with the process, please contact our registration team at [email protected] so we can assist you.

Please note that your spot will be held once you start the registration process but will be lost after 5 minutes of inactivity. Once you’ve added a participant to the program, the spot will be held while you complete any required questionnaires and payment forms.

Updates to Program Fees

Why is CAN increasing program fees?

We first introduced program fees in 2016 to help offset our most costly programs. In the time since, program-related costs have steadily risen.

  • The total rate of inflation within the last 7 years in Canada was 26%.
  • In order to maintain competitive staff wages, we introduced an overdue pay increase of an average of 18% for all hourly frontline staff last year.

By updating program fees for certain children’s programs, we can ensure the continued delivery of high-quality programming for thousands of children, youth & adults across BC.

What are the program fee increases?

The new program fees will be reflected in the Spring Program Guide.

These fees remain highly subsidized and have been set based on prices of comparable community rec programs, with CAN incurring the additional costs of extra support staff.

What do you mean by "highly-subsidized" fees?

We are committed to ensuring our programs remain affordable and comparable in cost to local community programs, but with a much higher level of support.

For example, the average cost to teach a CAN participant to swim in our nationally-recognized, 8-week program is $700. That includes facility, equipment, staff & administration costs. By comparison, the updated program fee is just $60.

Why can I no longer use Autism Funding as a method of payment for programs under $100?

Each funding request for AFU requires a multi-step manual process requiring significant administration on the part of CAN staff and often takes several weeks or months to process.

In the interest of reducing administrative costs, CAN will continue to offer AFU payment option only for programs with fees greater than $100.

Families who face financial barriers to access will need to apply to CAN’s Fee Assistance Program PRIOR to registration opening.

If I can no longer use Autism Funding to pay for programs under $100, what are my options?
What if I am unable to pay for program fees?

Anyone facing financial barriers to access can inquire about the CAN Fee Assistance Program. Simply email [email protected].

Will there be more updates to program fees in the future?

To ensure the long-term sustainability of CAN programming, we anticipate that we will re-assess program fees on a more regular basis moving forward.

Updates to CAN Membership

What about my current membership plan?

If you recently renewed or paid for an annual membership, that $25 provided access to Winter seasonal programs and Family Experiences.

If you paid for an annual membership fee and were not confirmed into any seasonal programs or Family Experiences, please email our team at [email protected].

Why is CAN removing the membership fee?

To ensure that all individuals get value out of their membership, we will be dropping our annual $25 membership fee and instead introducing fees across all programs. Fees will be comparable to community-based programs that offer a much lower ratio of staffing support.

A CAN profile/account will still be required to access programs, but it will no longer be associated with an annual fee.

Will Family Experiences have a fee?

Your family can access unlimited Family Experiences by purchasing a Family Experience Pass for a family rate of $25/year.

Introducing the Family Experience Pass

What is the new Family Experience Pass?

Families who want to continue to access year-round Family Experiences will need to purchase a $25 annual Family Experience Pass. Those who are only interested in registering for programs will simply pay for the programs they are enrolled in.

The pass will give families access to all Family Experiences (including outside your region for those willing to travel) for 365 days from the date purchased and it valid for all immediate family members listed on your account.

A Family Experience Pass will be required to attend any Family Experience, including CAN Sports Day.