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Program Policies and Payment Options

In fulfilling our mission and pursuing our vision, we are guided by the following policies.

Program and Registration Policies

Registration Policy

Canucks Autism Network (CAN) requires that all CAN program participants are enrolled through the CAN registration site and meet all specified program criteria. Registration for each program must be confirmed before a participant can partake in the program.

For the safety of all CAN participants, staff and volunteers, any individual not registered, or who does not meet the program criteria, will be asked to leave the program.

Withdrawal Policy

Participants can withdraw their registration for a program or event without penalty up to 48 hours prior to the program start date.

Participants who withdraw their program registration less than 48 hours prior to the start date of the program are eligible for a refund less a $5 cancellation fee.

Registration fees are non-refundable after the start of an event or one-day program. In the case of seasonal weekly programs registration fees are non-refundable 72 hours after the first class.

There is no cancellation fee for participants who withdraw from or do not attend a Family Experience event included in the annual pass.

All refunds are process back to the original payment method. Fees paid through CAN Fee Assistance or AFU cannot be credited to another program in the same season or future programs.

Cancellation Policy

All Canucks Autism Network (CAN) programs are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrations. Participants will be notified as soon as a decision regarding a program cancellation has been made. If CAN cancels a program prior to the start date, participants will be entitled to a full refund for any program fees charged or may be transferred to another program, space permitting.

Programs, events, and activities may also be cancelled due to circumstances such as inclement weather, power outages, facility and/or equipment problems or closures, and instructor illness and/or unavailability. In the event of such cancellations, CAN will notify all program participants by e-mail and/or phone. Cancelled classes will not be rescheduled or made up and partial program fee refunds will not be issued.

Program Dress Code

Canucks Autism Network asks that all participants are appropriately dressed for the program they are attending. If a program requires a specific dress code, it will be communicated to all parents/participants prior to the program start date. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the participant missing out on certain activities.

Safety Policy

Canucks Autism Network considers the safety of all participants to be of paramount importance. Participants are considered under the supervision of Canucks Autism Network once they are physically present and officially signed in to the specific program. This responsibility extends throughout the duration of the program, as long as no additional waivers are required, and ceases once the participant has officially signed out.

National Safe Sport Hotline | 1-888-837-7678

Code of Conduct

Canucks Autism Network programs and events are inclusive and welcoming environments. Behaviour, actions or language that indicate discrimination or hatred will not be tolerated.

All participants, staff, volunteers and caregivers must abide by the policies and procedures set by host facilities (e.g., recreation centres, event venues, etc.) Both facilities and equipment must be used safely.

Canucks Autism Network promotes respectful language and behaviour that encourages participation for all. Behaviour that creates risk to the individual, others or property must be documented by staff, and signed, individualized support plans must be in place.  Should the behaviour continue, the participant may be asked to leave the program or event.

Participants, caregivers, staff and volunteers must agree to abide by all CAN policies and procedures.

Upon registration for programs, every individual must accept to adhere to these policies.

Waiver Liability

Upon registration you will be asked to that you acknowledge that you have carefully read and understood the Canucks Autism Network liability waiver.

In summary, it outlines that you understand and agree that participating in CAN activities involves certain risk, including the possibility of injury or damage. You agree to release CAN and its staff from any liability arising from the inherent risks associated with these activities. You also confirm that you had the opportunity to seek legal advice before accepting this waiver.

Payment Options

Payment Options for Program Fees
Program fees help to subsidize CAN’s highly-supported, resource-intensive programs. Participants and families will now be required to pay for a program during registration*.
*Payment is only required if space is available. If you are adding your name to the waitlist, payment is not required at that time.
      1. Credit Card
        Credit card payments may be made through our online portal at the time of registration/confirmation.  
        Please note: If you are planning on applying to have the fee processed through Autism Funding or Fee Assistance, do not pay by credit card as  program fees are NOT eligible for reimbursement.
      2. Request to Pay through Autism Funding (for fees $100+)
        Participants (ages 6-18yrs) may use their Autism Funding to pay CAN program fees over $100. Participants choosing to use Autism Funding must identify that they are planning on doing so prior to registration through this form. 
        For more info, please view ourInstructions for Using Autism Funding. 
      3. CAN Fee Assistance
        We do not want fees to act as a barrier to participation. If a program fee creates a financial barrier for you or your or family, we encourage you to request a fee reduction or waiver through our Fee Assistance Program prior to registration.
        If you are enrolled into a CAN program with an associated cost and would like additional information on the Fee Assistance Program, please email [email protected]. 
      4. Bursaries
        Bursaries are available through various organizations including the following: 
        Criteria for Jumpstart assistance includes the following: 
        – Child must be between the ages of 4 and 18.
        – Funding must be for a program involving sport or physical activity 
        – Your family must be in financial need as defined by Government guidelines 
        Learn more or apply >> 
        A4K (Athletics for Kids) 
        In order to be eligible for a4k assistance, applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria: 
        – The family is receiving social assistance 
        – The family net income is equal or less than $42,000 per year 
        – The applicant is receiving social assistance 
        – The applicant is in a foster care program 
        Learn more or apply >>
        President’s Choice Children’s Charity 
        In order to be considered a candidate for assistance, applicants must meet the following criteria: 
        – Child (18 and under) 
        – Diagnosed physical or developmental disability 
        – Household annual income of $70,000 or less 
        – Must be a Canadian citizen and/or have permanent resident status in Canada 
        Learn more or apply >>
How to Use Autism Funding During Registration
  1. Ensure the program fee is over $100. At this time Autism Funding is not accepted for program fees under $100.  
  2. Please fill out this form prior to registration.
  3. Successfully submitted forms will be given a discount code to use upon registration*
    *Payment is only required if space is available. If you are adding your name to the waitlist, payment is not required at that time.
  4. Submit your Request to Pay through the Autism Funding portal. Find instructions on how to complete you Autism Funding (AFU) application here >>  

Important Notes:  

  • Completing this form does not submit your application to MCFS (Ministry of Children and Family Services). You must submit your Request To Pay through the Autism Funding portal separately.  
  • Completing this form does not guarantee you confirmation in a program.  
  • If you are not granted funding through AFU, you will be required to pay the remainder of your program fee out-of-pocket.  
  • If your program is not eligible for Autism Funding (eg. under $100) and you are in need of financial assistance, please find information on our Fee Assistance program here.  
How to Apply for Fee Assistance
  1. Gather all information. You will be asked for the following:
    – Program name (if you do not know which program specifically you will be applying for, please list the ones you are interested in).
    – Financial Verification Reference
         – Reference name, organization, position, and phone number or email address
         – Reference letter including participant name, reference name, a sentence or two vouching for family’s need for financial assistance, and reference signature and date. This letter must be uploaded in order to submit the form.
  2. Once you have all information and your financial verification reference, please fill out this online form prior to registration.  
  3. If you successfully submit your Financial Assistance Form, you will be given a discount code for full or partial coverage of your program fee.  

Important Notes:  

  • Confirmation of Fee Assistance does not guarantee confirmation in a program, but will allow you to complete a program registration without paying (or partially paying) a program fee.  
  • Due to funding limitations, fee assistance is not guaranteed.  
  • References cannot be associated with CAN and cannot be a family member. The Reference verifies that without CAN assistance, the CAN participant(s) would not be able to participate in CAN programs. The Reference acts as an objective third party who is familiar with the participant’s family and is in a professional position to assess the social and economic barriers facing the family.
    A Reference may be a professional in social work or family services, a school principal or counsellor, an accountant, law enforcement officer, a registered physician or nurse, priest or pastor.