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Thanks to all of our supporters, Canucks Autism Network is celebrating 10 years of “I CAN”! This year, join us in commemorating a decade of success, while looking ahead at another 10 years of realizing limitless possibilities for individuals and families with autism in BC.

Celebrating 10 Years of "I CAN"


The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) is dedicated to providing year-round sports and recreation programs for children, teens, young adults and families living with autism, while increasing autism awareness and providing training workshops in communities across British Columbia.

CAN programs are delivered in safe and highly supported environments across the Lower Mainland, on the Island, and in the Interior. Individuals across the autism spectrum are welcome to participate.

Through specialized support techniques, parent collaboration, and a high ratio of trained staff and dedicated volunteers, we are able to ensure that every individual with autism is successful on their own terms, regardless of their level of need.

“The skate program was AMAZING! The instructors were super friendly, easygoing and very well trained. They made every child feel empowered and proud of themselves. Whenever I saw a child struggling, the staff were so great– supporting the child who was having a rough time with a lot of compassion and enthusiasm that helped get them excited to skate. My son had a blast – he had a permanent smile on his face the whole time and he now wants to be a hockey player!”

-Laura Szulczk
CAN Member Since 2013