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Together we are creating a brighter future for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families in BC.

Our Office Team

The CAN team is made up of passionate and hard-working individuals who are determined to make a difference across the province.
Our Team

Britt Andersen
Chief Executive Officer

Programs, Training and Community Engagement

Stephanie Jull, PhD
VP, Programs, Training, and Community Engagement

Hallie Mitchell
Director of Children’s Programs & Community Training 

Taylor Sands
Manager of Training

Jake Winn
Manager of Children’s Programs

Mark Comfort
Recreation Specialist
Youth & Adult

Katie Ashley, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator
Early Years & Children’s In-Person Programs

Laurel Curtis, RN BSN
Program Coordinator
Early Years & Children’s In-Person Programs

Donné Davidson
Program Coordinator
Early Years & Children’s In-Person Programs

Julia Sawers
Program Coordinator
Early Years & Children’s In-Person Programs

Erin Masters
Program Equipment Coordinator

Kristine Minoza
Internal Training Coordinator

Silken Handford-Perronnet
Community Training Coordinator

Regional Team

Lauren Goodmanson
Regional Coordinator

Donna Hemmings
Regional Coordinator
East Fraser

Sarah Hogeweide
Regional Coordinator
Nanaimo & Virtual Programs

Willa Holmwood
Regional Coordinator

Colleen Ryan
Regional Coordinator


Ryan Yao, BHK, GDBA
Director of Development

Alva Tang
Development Officer

Marco Palmeri
Family Events Specialist

Tillie Williamson
Senior Special Events Coordinator

Dusan Despot
Development Coordinator

Laura Yalland
Development Coordinator

Employment Programs

Robbie Hsieh, BBA
Director of Employment Programs and Services

Sarah Armstrong
Manager, Mental Health Initiatives and Community Partnerships

Nadine Wilk
Wellness Specialist

Ross MacMillan, BA
Employer Engagement Specialist
Labour Market Facilitator | Ready, Willing & Able

Maegan O’Neill
Navigator, Youth and Adult Services
Autism Outreach Coordinator | Ready, Willing & Able

Kelsey Comfort
Job Developer
Skills Training Employment Program

Wanda Gibson
Employment Facilitator
Skills Training Employment Program 

Paul Baron
Employment Facilitator
Skills Training Employment Program 

Susan Noble
Employment Outreach Coordinator
Ready, Willing & Able – Kelowna

Shideh Manavipour
Work Experience Coordinator
Skills Training Employment Program 

Marketing and Communications

Lindsay Petrie
Director of Marketing and Communications

Harold Cecchetti
Communications Manager

Sarah Silvers
Marketing Coordinator

Mackenzie Bentley
Communications Coordinator


Michelle Hohne, BBA, PMP
VP, Operations

Human Resources

Andrea Cunningham
Supported Employment Specialist

Aida Garcia
HR Coordinator – Volunteers

Manleen Dhanjal

Registration & Membership

Kaitlyne MacPherson
Registration & Membership Manager

Kiana Paterson
Registration & Membership Coordinator

Tina Talaie
Reception & Membership Assistant


Olga Smirnova
Accounting Manager

Amy Turcotte

Office Administration

Maxwell Smith
Office Administrator