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Remi’s 5th birthday fundraiser raises $1,270

For Remi’s 5th birthday this past November, he chose to ask his friends and family for donations to Canucks Autism Network in lieu of gifts.  

“In lieu of gifts, we would like to give back to a group that have given us so much. Remi has attended multiple activity programs and is currently learning how to ice skate which he loves going to. As a family, we have gotten to enjoy the Chilliwack Corn Maze which was a blast for us all. As Rio and Reimo get older, they too can attend programs with Remi.  Canucks Autism Network provides a safe, inclusive space for children to learn, interact and play together!” – Sarah, CAN Mom

If you would like to host a birthday fundraiser in support of Canucks Autism Network, we’d love to hear about it! Please contact our team at [email protected] for ways to support.