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Our Policies

In fulfilling our mission and pursuing our vision, we are guided by the following policies.

Canucks Autism Network Policies

Registration Policy

The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) requires that all CAN program participants are registered through the CAN Membership program and meet all specified program criteria. Registration for each program must be confirmed by a CAN staff member before a participant can partake in the program.  For the safety of all CAN participants, staff and volunteers, any individual not registered, or who does not meet the program criteria, will be asked to leave the program.

Attendance Policy

Participants who are frequently absent from programs may compromise their eligibility for future program enrolment.

Thanks to the generous financial support of our donors and sponsors, CAN is able to provide programs to families at little or no cost. The goal of our attendance policy is to ensure that all program spaces are being fully utilized by the many participants who depend on our support.

Withdrawal Policy

Participants can withdraw their program registration without penalty up to 14 days prior to the program start date.

Participants who withdraw their program registration less than 14 days prior to the start date of the program will not be eligible for a refund for any associated programs fees. Participants who withdraw from programs with less than 14 days’ notice will face limited eligibility for future program enrolment.

If the participant had indicated that program fees were to be paid through Autism Funding and they withdraw their program registration less than 14 days prior to the start date or after the program has started, the participant will be responsible for the full programs fees (no longer eligible for Autism Funding). All outstanding program fees must be paid prior to any future program registrations.

Cancellation Policy

All Canucks Autism Network (CAN) programs are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrations. Participants will be notified as soon as a decision regarding a program cancellation has been made. If CAN cancels a program prior to the start date, participants will be entitled to a full refund for any program fees charged or may be transferred to another program, space permitting.

Programs, events, and activities may also be cancelled due to circumstances such as inclement weather, power outages, facility and/or equipment problems or closures, and instructor illness and/or unavailability. In the event of such cancellations, CAN will notify all program participants by e-mail and/or phone. Cancelled classes will not be rescheduled or made up and partial program fee refunds will not be issued.

Program Dress Code

Canucks Autism Network asks that all participants are appropriately dressed for the program they are attending. If a program requires a specific dress code, it will be communicated to all parents/participants prior to the program start date. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the participant missing out on certain activities.

Safety Policy

The Canucks Autism Network considers the safety of all participants to be of paramount importance. Participants are considered under the supervision of the Canucks Autism Network once they are physically present and officially signed in to the specific program. This responsibility extends throughout the duration of the program, as long as no additional waivers are required, and ceases once the participant has officially signed out.

Privacy Policy

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