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At Canucks Autism Network, we believe that every community should take action to include and support individuals on the spectrum.

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For First Responders
Autism Overview & Strategies

Learn  about autism and strategies that are aimed to support individuals on the autism spectrum! The Canucks Autism Network E-Learning Module for First Responders was created with the guidance of a team of subject matter experts, including representatives from police, fire, emergency health services and search and rescue.

This powerful online tool consists of a 1-hour interactive course and was generously funded by the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD).

Cost: Free!
Length: 1-hour
Format: Online, self-paced

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For Coaches & Rec Leaders
Supporting Positive Behaviour

Are you a coach who is unsure of what to do when faced with athletes who have a hard time focusing, or are disengaged or disruptive? If so, this training module is for you!

As part of the new online resource of programs called Coaching Kids of All Abilities. Supporting Positive Behaviour focuses on managing group behaviour when working with kids of all abilities, particularly those who struggle with engagement in team environments and may have challenging behaviour.

Developed in partnership with  Jumpstart Canada, Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a DisabilityCanucks Autism NetworkCoaching Association Canada and Défi sportif AlterGo, Coaching Kids of All Abilities is an online resource designed to provide coaches and leaders with tools and insight to create an inclusive sport environment, where all participants feel like they belong and bring value to the team.

Cost: Free (Use code: JSCAN-A2B3C4D)
Format: Online, self-paced

To register for FREE, use the code: JSCAN-A2B3C4D

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For Rec Staff & Leaders
Autism Overview & Strategies

In partnership with BC Recreation and Parks Association and with the financial support of the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD), Canucks Autism Network has created a one-hour online learning tool to provide recreation staff with foundational knowledge about autism and an introduction to key support strategies.

Topics include:

  • Overview of autism
  • Introduction to strategies for supporting individuals on the autism spectrum in recreation settings
  • Communication tips, teaching and learning strategies, and behaviour support approaches

Cost: Free!
Length: 1-hour
Format: Online, self-paced

Learners will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

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For Employment Support Staff
Supporting Autistic Job Seekers

Practical Information for Employment Staff is an online professional development opportunity developed in partnership with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA) at UBC, and WorkBC! This module is designed specifically to assist Employment Support Staff to better support Autistic individuals at every phase of the job seeking process. The course material corresponds to commonly used phrases in employment counselling: Plan, Prepare, Pursue, and Position.

Length: 45 minutes
Cost: Free!
Format: Online and self-paced

Note: Practical Information for Employment Support Staff is module 6 of CIRCA’s Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace program. Module 1 (Understanding Autism in the Workplace) is a prerequisite to module 6. Modules 2 to 6 can be taken in any order. It is highly recommended that learners take all six modules. The entire program (Modules 1-6) approximately takes 3 hours.

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace is a professional development program designed to assist human resource professionals, employment support staff, employers, supervisors, managers, and co-workers, Autistic employees and anyone interested in inclusive employment to learn practical strategies on how to support neurodivergent job seekers and employees to be successful.

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For Employers & HR Professionals
Autistic Mental Health

A young adult woman in an office

Developed in partnership with Autism Nova Scotia (ANS),  Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace,  is for those who are looking to improve mental health supports for Autistic job seekers and employees.

This training module was developed with a group of advisors from Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, including Autistic advocates, inclusive employers, and clinicians.

With a focus on understanding and responding to mental health needs, best practices and supports to promote mental wellbeing, employers will learn concrete strategies to support Autistic team members.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Autism, Neurodiversity & Mental Health (issues that Autistic individuals encounter in the workplace)
  • Creating an Accepting Workplace (low-cost or no-cost strategies that benefit the well-being of all employees)
  • Identifying & Responding to Mental Health Crises (directing employees to mental health resources and employee benefits)

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: Free!
Format: Online and self-paced
Note: Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace consists of 3 modules that must be completed in order.

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