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Women's Peer Group

For Autistic women and gender-diverse folks.

A virtual peer-led group for Autistic women, gender non-conforming, and gender-diverse individuals, aged 18+, living in British Columbia.

Formal autism diagnosis is NOT required to participate. Learn more >

Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 6-8:30pm on Zoom. Read below for important changes to the format and registration process.

WPG provides a natural and fulfilling space for individuals with similar lived experience to come together to build meaningful connections, share stories, support, and validate each other. We aim to create a sense of belonging, where every person is seen, heard and valued just as they are.

Part of CAN’s Mental Health & Wellness programs.

Group Structure

  • Meetings held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • 6:30-8pm, with an optional extra 30 minutes (8-8:30pm)
  • Online via Zoom
  • Led by Autistic Co-Facilitators
  • Supported by a Clinical Social Worker

Topics vary each month. Past topics include Building Community, Mental Health, Autism Diagnosis Journeys, Friendships and Relationships, etc.

How to Join

  • Complete the WPG one-time intake questionnaire.
  • By signing up, you will be automatically invited to every bi-weekly meeting.
  • Zoom link and topic will be emailed 3 days in advance.

Interested in connecting with a Facilitator to learn more prior to joining a meeting? Fill out our Inquiries and Feedback form to request a 15-30 min meeting.

Meet the Team

Kayla Tellier and Kieran Thwaites are peer facilitators with lived-experience, who support the culture of our space. Through continual collaboration with the group, they offer topic and discussion themes for each meeting, and help guide conversations, when needed. Together they aim to create a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone involved.

Kayla Tellier (she/her) – Co-Facilitator
Outside of the Women’s Peer Support Group, Kayla is also an actor and a CAN support worker and learning facilitator.

“I have greatly benefited from making connections with other Autistic women and having people to talk to who understand what it is like to live as an Autistic woman.”

Kieran Thwaites – Co-Facilitator

Outside of CAN, Kieran facilitates some other peer groups, and does various queer and neurodivergent consulting. They thrive in community, and tend to find it in unusual places such as Twitch streaming nerdy card games, thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and messing around on the diving board every week at Trans Swim.

“There is a severe lack of autistic community for adults. So, I do this to be a part of it, and to help build and provide for others what I wish existed when I needed it.”


Rae Morris (she/her) – Clinical Support

Rae is an Individual & Family Therapist and Clinical Social Worker who provides clinical consultation to support the development, process, and evaluation of the WPG, including providing background clinical mentorship to the co-facilitators.

“I know how deeply valuable and impactful it can be to hear another person say, ‘Hey, me too!’ I am so grateful for this group and honoured to be a part of it.”

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2024 Intake

The Women’s Peer Support Group will continue to meet virtually in 2023-24.

Complete the WPG one-time intake questionnaire >

Artwork by Sarah Russell, CAN participant & staff member

This group was inspired by Good Company– an Autistic Peer Support Group in Toronto, founded by Dori Zener and facilitated by Besa Shemovski Thomas.

Canucks Autism Network greatly appreciates the support, expertise and resources provided by Dori Zener & Associates to offer this group.