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Program Registration

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getting started

Canucks Autism Network (CAN) programming is available to individuals and families living with autism who are registered CAN members. To learn more about how to register as a CAN member, please visit our Participant Membership page. 
Once registered, members use their online membership account to sign-up for upcoming programs and events. 

staying informed about upcoming registration dates

Registration for programs takes place throughout the year. To keep members up-to-date with upcoming programs and registration dates, CAN relays information through the following:

1. Monthly Email Newsletter – Once individuals and families sign-up for their online membership account, they will begin to receive monthly email newsletters that contain information about the upcoming month’s registration dates and future CAN programs. This newsletter is typically sent out in the first week of each month, and new members are encouraged to add info@canucksautism.ca to their email contacts to better ensure the newsletter is received. To see our past newsletters, please visit this page.

2. CAN Websitewww.canucksautism.ca will always have the most up-to-date information regarding all things ‘CAN’. The website is great because not only does it contain information about registration, it also provides additional details about programming, including program structure, supports provided, social storyboards, age requirements, etc.

3.CAN Facebook Page – By liking the CAN Facebook page, members will receive daily updates from CAN in their Facebook newsfeed. Examples of information relayed include registration reminders, program updates, and success stories. 

Completing registration

Once members find a program they would like to register for, they make note of the registration period and log into their account during that period to complete their online program registration.

To ensure that as many unique individuals as possible are accessing CAN programming, Canucks Autism Network often uses a Pending Enrollment registration process. This process has all participants register to a status of Pending Enrollment (i.e. not enrolled). After registration closes, CAN staff will review the lists of interested participants, make enrollments into the program, and email all participants regarding their registration status. For additional information on this process, including a timeline, please view an example here

To learn more about how to view your program registration in your online account, please click here.