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Developed by Autism Nova Scotia. Delivered by CAN.

Healthy Relationships, Sexuality & Autism

Sex-positive sexuality education program for Autistic adults (ages 19+).

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Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Autism (HRSA) is a free 16-week virtual interactive program developed by Autism Nova Scotia (ANS) and delivered by CAN staff.

Healthy Relationships, Sexuality & Autism. Developed by Autism Nova Scotia.

CAN membership is not required to participate. The program is open to all individuals (ages 19+) who identify as Autistic (formal diagnosis not required). Learn more > 


Program Structure

The HRSA program features group instruction & discussion led by a trained facilitator.

  • 2 hour sessions; once per week for 16 weeks
  • Virtual program via Zoom*
    *Participants require internet access to join.

About the Program

HRSA is a sex-positive sexuality education program for Autistic adults (ages 19+). Topics Include:

  • Values
  • Anatomy
  • Gender Identity
  • Relationships
  • Sexual behaviours
  • Sexual health
  • Dating

Registration Info

  • Open to all individuals who self-identify as Autistic (formal diagnosis not required)
  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Must be a resident of BC
  • CAN membership not required

This program is offered at various times throughout the year.
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About the Program Facilitator

Kendall McSweeney (she/her)

Kendall is passionate about supporting people explore what their gender & sexuality mean to them. She loves helping people find tools to experience relationships in ways that are as unique as they are.

Kendall holds a BA in Psychology, Bachelors of Social Work & Master’s of Social Work. She has experience in hospital social work with a focus on gender-affirming care & has worked with CAN since 2015.

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  • Sept 6-Dec 20, 2023
  • Wed, 5-7pm on Zoom

Note that there is limited space in the program. Completing an application form does not guarantee enrollment.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

Pictured: Sarah Armstrong & Nadine Wilk (CAN Mental Health & Wellness Team)

The Healthy Relationships, Sexuality & Autism program was developed by our friends at Autism Nova Scotia.