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At Canucks Autism Network, we value a sense of belonging where all families are welcome and appreciated and support one another through shared experience. We believe in every individual’s ability and welcome children, youth and adults across the autism spectrum.
A child with autism ice skates under the watch of a support worker in our I CAN Skate program.
A child with autism and his support worker laughing together in our Overnight Camp program.

Canucks Autism Network Membership

To access Canucks Autism Network (CAN) programs, families must first complete an online membership application that includes an annual fee of $25 per individual on the autism spectrum. Once members, families and individuals can participate in programs and events at highly subsidized rates thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for a CAN Membership, individuals and families must ensure they meet the following criteria:

  1. An individual in the immediate family (i.e. a son or daughter, or the individual who is registering) must be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Individuals across the autism spectrum are welcome. We adjust our level of support based on the needs of each participant.
  2. Individuals and families wishing to register must live in British Columbia, Canada.

CAN is no longer requiring a formal autism diagnosis for individuals over 13 years of age who are interested in accessing CAN programs or services. Learn more >>

How do I sign-up as a member?

To sign-up for a CAN membership, individuals and families must first complete the online membership application.

Once the application is complete, individuals and families are responsible for submitting the following to the CAN office (1788 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V6) within 10 days of completing their application:

  1. Proof of the individual(s) ASD diagnosis for participants under the age of 13.
    The diagnosis must be a physician-signed document that clearly states that the individual is on the Autism Spectrum. The documentation may include the original assessment (the first and final two pages of the assessment usually meet the requirements) or a physician/psychiatrist signed note.
  2. Photos of each individual registered with the CAN Membership (including those without an autism diagnosis).
    Photos are used for internal purposes only and may be uploaded online through the individual/family’s CAN membership account.
  3. An annual membership fee of $25 for each registered participant with autism. This fee may be paid in any of the following ways:
    a. Through autism funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development
    b. Via credit card through the online CAN membership account
    c. By cheque, mailed to the CAN office (1788 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V6)
    d. With cash at the CAN office (1788 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1V6)

Once the online application is complete, CAN members may begin registering for programs when registration is open!

Getting Started

CAN members can request a space in our programs and family events during specified registration periods throughout the year using their online membership account.

Stay informed about upcoming registration dates, giveaways, events and program updates by referring to the following sources of information:

1. Free Monthly Email Newsletter 
Upon signing up for a CAN membership, you will begin to receive monthly email newsletters that contain information about upcoming registration dates, events and programs. The CAN newsletter is typically sent out in the first week of each month, and new members are encouraged to add [email protected] to their email contacts list to ensure the newsletter is not sent to junk.

2. CAN Website
The website will always have the most up-to-date information about registration, program structure, supports provided, and age requirements, as well as other helpful resources.

3. CAN Facebook Page
By liking the CAN Facebook page, you will receive valuable information and updates on programs and events as well as opportunities to enter contests and giveaways for Canucks tickets and other great prizes.

Submitting Registration Requests

Once you find a program you are interested in, login to your online account during the registration period to submit a registration request.

The majority of our programs use a registration process called Pending Enrolment. This means that spots are NOT provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and that requests received are pending confirmation. Each program request immediately goes to Pending status. Those who submit registration requests during the online registration period will be notified of their updated registration status (either Confirmed or Waitlisted) within seven days of registration closing.

The Pending Enrolment registration process is used so that we can accommodate as many unique individuals into CAN programs throughout the year as possible. It also allows for more participants to have the opportunity to try new programs and activities.

For more details, please visit our We Heard You blog post on the registration process.

If you have any questions about how to submit registration requests, please email: [email protected]

Membership FAQs

Where are programs offered?

Canucks Autism Network delivers programs across the Lower Mainland as well as in Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, and Nanaimo. All program locations, dates, and times, are available in our seasonal program guidesTraining opportunities are available across British Columbia.

Why don't you offer programs in my community?

We are always looking to increase our impact across the province. When we enter new communities, we consider the following criteria:

  • The number of families living with autism in the area
  • Potential  support from community partners (e.g., recreation centres who are able to host the program, organizations interested in partnering with us to deliver the program)
  • Local donor or funding support
  • Availability of staff and volunteers
  • Other similar programs that are already being offered in the region
Do you charge for your programs?

Some programs require members to pay a highly subsidized fee as a means to ensure program sustainability. Along with traditional payment options, we accept Autism Funding and sporting grants, including JumpStart and KidSport.

What if I can't afford to pay for a program fee?

At Canucks Autism Network, we value accessibility and strive to eliminate financial barriers to program participation. If a program fee is a barrier for you or your family, we encourage you to submit a request for fee reduction or waiver through our Fee Assistance Program. Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Why don't you support all disabilities?

Since its inception in 2008, Canucks Autism Network has been dedicated to providing programs that have been specifically designed and adapted for individuals on the autism spectrum. In addition, much of the funding we receive is specific to autism programming.


My child is non-verbal. Can my child still participate in CAN programs?

Absolutely! We welcome individuals across the autism spectrum and utilize a variety of strategies and a range of supports including visual schedules, first-then boards, token systems and social stories, to ensure that every participant is successful on their own terms. We can also adjust our ratio of staffing to ensure that your child is well supported.

Do you accept children who can be aggressive towards others during a meltdown?

Of course. Be assured that with parent collaboration and open communication, our experienced support team and highly trained staff are equipped to manage manage types of challenging behaviours.

Can all ages participate in your programs?

Most programs are catered to the following age groups:

  • Early years: Ages 3-6
  • Children: Ages 7-12
  • Youth: Ages 13-17
  • Young Adults: Ages 18+
Why is a formal autism diagnosis not required for participants over the age of 13?

One of the most common barriers that Autistic youth and adults face is the need for a formal autism diagnosis to access supports. In talking with CAN members and the broader autism community, many themes have emerged as potential barriers to formal diagnosis including cost, access to a professional who is qualified to provide a diagnosis, fear of not being believed, and other challenges navigating the healthcare system.

For the above reasons, CAN will no longer be requiring a formal diagnosis for individuals over 13 years of age who are interested in accessing any program or service provided by CAN. This important decision to increase accessibility has already been met with enthusiasm from our CAN community.

Learn more >> 

Why did my child end up on a wait list?

Registration decisions are based on a variety of factors including the overall demand for a program, a participant’s registration history, and a family’s ability to access programming.

Demand for most programs is quite high, therefore, participants will not be accommodated into every program they wish to attend. At Canucks Autism Network, our goal is to accommodate as many unique individuals into programs as possible, and registration decisions are made with this objective in mind.


I am having troubles with registration. What do I do?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the online registration process, please see our Frequently Asked Questions – Registration.

If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact the office by email at [email protected], or by phone at 604-685-4049. Our helpful team will be able to look into the issues that you are experiencing, and help answer your questions.


I would like to request a different program time. How do I make the request?

We do our best to accommodate all requests, however, we ask that families be flexible. Participants are placed into specific time slots in order to accommodate as many unique individuals as possible. Families are welcome to request a program time change by emailing [email protected], however, not all requests will be accommodated.

How do I access my CAN membership card?

Each CAN participant is provided with a digital membership card that can be accessed through your online account. In order to access your card:

  1. Visit canucksautismprograms.ca and log in.
  2. Click on “My Account”.*
    *Found in the top blue navigational bar on desktop or by clicking on the menu icon on mobile.
  3. You will see a green “Membership Card” button next to the name of the individual(s) on the autism spectrum within your family.

You may present the card digitally or as a print out. In order to save the card to your phone or computer, click/tap the download or PDF icons.

Will I get to meet Vancouver Canucks players?

At times, Vancouver Canucks players may be present at CAN programs or events, however, we ask that families allow the players to participate in the activity and do not ask for photos or autographs.

Can I get tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game?

Although our founders are the co-owners of the Vancouver Canucks, we are a non-profit organization and a separate entity from Canucks Sports and Entertainment.

Occasionally, we will receive complimentary tickets to games and they are offered to our members through a lottery system on Facebook. To ensure that you do not miss out on ticket giveaways and other important information, please follow us on Facebook.

Tell Us Your Story

We are continually inspired by the strength, determination, and resilience of the individuals with autism and their families who make up our network.

Do you have a story that you would like to share? We would love to hear about your journey with autism, whether as a parent, an individual on the spectrum, an employer, teacher, friend or other. Has Canucks Autism Network positively impacted you?