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I CAN Play Sports

I CAN Play Sports

An introduction to soccer, basketball, and gym based games

(formerly known as the Basketball and Soccer Programs)


The purpose of the I CAN Play Sports program is to provide children with autism, and their siblings, a fun introduction to the world of sports! Participants will enjoy games and drills that work on fundamental movement skills, specifically those used in the sports of soccer and basketball. This program is designed to provide a fun, safe and supportive environment for all those taking part.


Each session of the I CAN Play Sports program consists of 60 minute lessons, once per week, for multiple weeks. Sessions for this program take place three times during the year; fall (mid-October to late November), winter (late January to early March), and spring (mid-April to late May). Each week, lessons will include a  mix of individual practice and group games that work on skills relating to physical literacy*, soccer and basketball. These activities will help to develop basic movement skills that are used in a variety of sports settings.

*What is Physical Literacy? Please click here or watch the video below:


Looking for additional resources to develop physical literacy and find activities beyond CAN? Visit here.


At Canucks Autism Network, we strive to meet the needs of each participant. The program will be supported by many trained staff and dedicated volunteers; our staff receive training on a variety of support strategies for children and youth with autism.  Please do not hesitate to collaborate and speak with coaches and support staff about strategies to use with your child (e.g., visual schedules, first-then boards, token systems, social stories, etc.)


Canucks Autism Network has prepared the following social storybook for those families who may find it helpful. To view the I CAN Play Sports social storybook, please click here.


  • Ages 7-15 (Must be of correct age when starting the program)
  • Have an autism diagnosis, and an active membership through the CAN Participant Membership Program
  • Siblings are welcome!  Siblings must also register for the program as participants
  • Commitment to attend session on a weekly basis (See Attendance Policy)




Registration for the spring 2017 multi-week program was open to from Monday, February 20th at noon, to Friday, February 24th.
If you’d like to submit a late registration request, please email info@canucksautism.ca with the following:
1.       The name and age of the participant, and
2.       The program name, location and time that you are submitting a late request for.
To view our spring leisure guide, which lists our spring programs, locations and times, please visit: http://www.canucksautism.ca/leisureguide




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