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A CAN Holiday Story

Dec 22, 2018

Jack, Trevor and Charmaine have been a proud Canucks Autism Network (CAN) family since 2013. At eight years old, Jack has benefited from a wide range of CAN programsswim, soccer, gymnastics, summer camp, and of course, family events.

At CAN, we have always firmly believed that our programs benefit not only the individual participant, but the entire family. We pride ourselves in providing opportunities for families to spend valuable time together and connect with others who understand their challenges and triumphs.

That’s why it is so humbling and rewarding when we hear stories like this one.

While catching up with Jack’s family at the CAN Festival of Lights, powered by National Bank, they had two special gifts for us.

Charmaine shared with us how it was their family’s 6th time attending the annual holiday event at VanDusen Gardens. She presented us with a collage of family photos they had taken each year.

The second gift was directly from Jack. And it was something he had saved up for a year to give us.

“When Jack does chores at home, he gets $5 for every 20 tasks completed,” Charmaine explained. “10% goes to his savings and 10% goes to his charity of choice. And at his school’s entrepreneurial fair this year, he sold macaroons and shortbread that we baked together. On his sign, he wrote ‘10% goes to charity'”.

His charity of choice?

“Jack said he wanted to give it to CAN because he gets so much from you,” Charmaine told us.

We’re not crying. You are!

In addition to being longtime CAN parents, Trevor and Charmaine have both volunteered in our programs and our office for numerous years. It should come as no surprise that they have raised such an incredible young man who gives back with no hesitation.

During the holidays, our values of family and community become increasingly important. That’s why it is such a privilege to be welcomed into the lives of thousands of families like Jack’s across BC.

Happy holidays to all of our CAN families. From everyone at Canucks Autism Network.

UPDATE! This past February, Jack and his family were chosen for the Canucks’ Eagle’s Nest program. For their incredible contributions to CAN, they were treated to a Canucks game, an in-game message and an opportunity to meet defenceman Ben Hutton outside the team’s dressing room! See more photos on Facebook.

Jack's family with Vancouver Canucks defenceman Ben Hutton