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We Heard You: What kind of training do CAN staff and volunteers receive?

Mar 2, 2019

In order to provide a consistent, supportive, safe and fun environment in which participants of all abilities thrive in CAN programs, we train every staff and volunteer.

We share your high expectations for CAN staff and volunteers. Ensuring that our team has the skills, confidence and attitude to support the success and safety of each participant is of utmost importance to us as an organization. Each staff and volunteer on-boarded to our team receives training specific to their role.

All staff and volunteers:

  • Autism and neurodiversity
  • CAN program and participant policies and procedures
  • Strategies for supporting positive behaviour in sports and recreation


  • Program specific, curriculum-related training offered seasonally

Support Team:

  • Additional training related to supporting staff and volunteers, delivering feedback, collaborating with parents and advanced behaviour support strategies
  • Training to create and implement Behaviour Support Plans for participants
  • Safety-Care™ Training (crisis prevention, de-escalation, managing dangerous behaviour)
  • Specific seasonal training addressing current topics and issues

CAN is committed to providing ongoing professional development opportunities for all staff and volunteers. In addition to receiving initial training during on-boarding, staff and volunteers receive training offerings in the CAN Newsletter on a regular basis. Some examples of training recently offered include:

  • Standard First Aid Training with CPR A/C & AED (16 hours)
    • Delivered in partnership with Pacific First Aid
  • Safety-Care™ Training (8 hours):
    • Delivered in partnership with QBS, Inc.
    • Crisis prevention training that teaches a variety of supportive interaction strategies
  • safeTALK Training (3 hours):
    • Delivered in partnership with LivingWorks
    • Suicide-alert helper preparedness training:
  • CAN Youth & Young Adult Program Training (2 hours):
    • Supportive interaction strategies for the unique needs of youth and young adults
  • CAN Support Strategies Training (2 hours):
    • Topics include enhancing communication, increasing motivation and predictability, and using visual supports
  • All Youth Matter Inclusion Training (4 hours):
    • Delivered in partnership with viaSport
    • Tools, techniques and best practices to create inclusive sport, recreation and physical activity experiences for youth from marginalized populations
  • Introduction to Basic American Sign Language (3 x 3 hours)
    • Delivered in partnership with Queer ASL

We are proud to support the growth and development of the CAN team and we strive to dynamically identify areas for growth in our staff and volunteer teams. Our training is always evolving with feedback from families and program observations. If you identify an area in which you believe our team could improve or have an area of expertise you would like to share, please reach out to us with your input.

We believe our programs are strongest when we work together to achieve our shared vision and we welcome your feedback.

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